Multi Touch IR 55″
Touch Panel

Carry out your project with our infrared touch panels for kiosks, interactive maps, information modules and more.

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What do you get with your investment?

It offers real-time interaction through latest generation technology. Show relevant information to visitors, make personalized advertisements or offer the option to make payments.

Totally Tactile

Install it in a few minutes in the area of your choice


Ready for use in areas with constant flow of people

Easy To Use

We prepare your screen so that it is ready to use from day one

About the screen


Our infrared touch panel is the perfect solution at a fair price for your commercial or industrial project, it can be used in any application and has a USB connection and drivers for most operating systems, it also has 4mm tempered glass and anti-theft film. 

  • For 55″ 16:9 screens
  • 2 Point Infrared Touch
  • USB connection
  • Ready to mount, connect and install

eBents Guarantee

Our Guarantee

1 year against manufacturing defects does not apply for misuse, physical damage or abnormal use of the product in adverse conditions.

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Screen Content

What’s Inside

Technical Specifications

USB cord 1.8 meters
Matt Black
Touch Technology
1, 2 or 4 point infrared
Dimensions Touch Area
1218mm width 684mm height with a margin of error of 0.5mm
1249mm width 721mm height 15.3mm thickness
4mm with anti-theft film


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