360° Boost

The eBents 360° Boost Photo Booth is one of the most resistant and professional on the market, its export quality, professional case and accessories make it the best investment for your business.

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What do you get?

Quality, guarantee, backup, design, support, experience, seriousness and professionalism are some of the advantages that only eBents has for your business.

Our prices include VAT and remember that your invoice proves ownership of your cabin.

Easy mounting

Includes professional case for care and transport of the cabin.


The platform and case are Brandable with your company logo.

Cabinets to Choose

39"x39", Motorized, with remote control, lighting kit, RGB LED lights, accessories and more.

About the  Photo Booth 360° Boost

Product Description

The eBents 360° photo booth is the latest feature for events, it creates a spectacular Hollywood-style effect in seconds that will surprise all the guests, our team includes a 100% professional case for ease of transportation, so it will be easy to assemble and care.


eBents Quality

Our Guarantee

  1. 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects in components.
  2. Training for the use of software and hardware
  3. We share our experience of more than 12 years of services and equipment manufacturing for events
  4. We guarantee the highest quality platform on the market

Lifetime technical support!


How we build your booth


Circular platform 100cm x 100cm
1 to 6 people
Heavy-duty motorized pulley and pinion system
Remote control included
3 different speeds and turning orientation mode
Includes LED ring of 500 leds for photography
Current eliminator for 110v motor. Remote control and led ring operated by batteries (not included)
Camera mounting
Compatible with GOPRO, mobile & DSLR.
Training in the use of recommended software, compatible with iOS and GOPRO, the license is paid for each event ($50 USD approximately) to the software service provider.
Not included, use of an iPhone phone, GOPRO camera or both is suggested, depending on configuration. Any recent generation iPhone phone can be used with the booth.

How it works

Our buying process

By becoming our client, we make sure that your equipment reaches your hands by offering you secure payment methods and advice from our staff so that you can take the equipment that best suits your needs.

1. Choose your booth

Choose the best option with the help of our advisors.

2. Payment methods

Choose from our payment methods to make your purchase.

3. We ship it to your location

Once we confirm your payment, we send the cabin to your address.

4. Start your business

Start generating income with your new cabin.


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