Inflatable Photo Booth

The Inflatable Photo Booth Model HEXA is our latest addition to our range of inflatable models, it is ultra portable, lightweight, eye-catching and easy to maneuver, advantages that will be very useful for the daily operation of your business.

Get to know it

What do you get from your investment?

Allow all the guests of the event to feel the magic of entering a camera-shaped photo booth, with the newest systems and the photographic quality that only eBents has for your events.

Easy Mounting

Transportable by one person. Connects and inflates in 2 minutes.


Brandable for business events or with your company logo.

Cabinets to Choose

Choose one of our 2 incredible cabinets for your inflatable cabin

About the booth


Our HEXA Inflatable Photo Booth is a new option for your business, remember that all our inflatable models are ultra portable and easy to move, plus you can customize them and choose the interior cabinet where the system goes, we have the Instagram cabinet, Eris, Vintage and Retro, the largest variety of designs to make your business shine. Talk to our sales team, we are ready to cover all your needs and answer your questions. At eBents we make your business come true.
venta de Cabina Fotográfica Inflable HEXA

Content Photobooth

eBents Guarantee

Our Guarantee

  1. 1 year warranty on system components (motherboard, processor, power supply and ram memory).
  2. 1 year on assembly and drawer
  3. Up to 6 months Monitor, LEDS and Motor.

Lifetime technical support!

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How you photo booth is built


CPU Speed
Dual Core 3.6GHZ Processor
4GB RAM DDR3 Memory
1TB Hard Drive 500w
Power Supply
19″ LCD Touchscreen
Native Resolution 1280 * 1024
Viewing Angle 170/170°
Contrast 1000:1
15 mpx HD 1080p
Auto Focus
Carl Zeiss lens Sharp, colorful images
Canon Selphy CP1200
Sublimation printing 148 x 100 mm postcard size photos
Prints that last up to 100 years 300 x 300 dpi
Print in approx. 35 seconds
Built-in sound for animation
Power 3W RMS
Interior lighting
80w white light
Outdoor lighting
Control Programmable Effects
Dimensions of 3 x 3 x 2.3 meters. 110v motor
Uses a single outlet
Heavy-duty material
Choose from our designs
Practical and portable
With base for pedestal
High quality computer cut
Business version with voice command, share photos on networks.
Optimized for Touchscreen customizable templates
Move ease
This model can be moved in any vehicle.
Easy to assemble and disassemble by one person

How it works

Our buying process

By becoming our client, we make sure that your equipment reaches your hands by offering you secure payment methods and advice from our staff so that you can take the equipment that best suits your needs.

1. Choose your booth

Choose the best option with the help of our advisors.

2. Payment methods

Choose from our payment methods to make your purchase.

3. We ship it to your location

Once we confirm your payment, we send the cabin to your address.

4. Start your business

Start generating income with your new cabin.


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